Better flowering and compact growth without using chemical growth regulators


LED Solutions for Ornamental PlantsArtificial light is critical to the production of many flowers. Traditionally light has been used as assimilation light to produce biomass and as photoperiodical lighting to manipulate day length. Today Valoya offers new solutions for floriculture. By choosing the correct light spectrum, it is possible to enhance or even delay flowering induction, prevent stem elongation and reduce chemical growth regulators, and improve plant quality by brighter colors, higher biomass, and good rooting.


Valoya’s wide spectrum AP67, designed to induce flowering and promotion of biomass accumulation, is widely tested with many flower species including rose, Phalaenopsis orchid, lily, saintpaulia, begonia, poinsettia, hortensia, tulip, chrysanthemum, alstroemeria, and bromeliad. AP67 is suitable to use as a sole light source without natural light, in a greenhouse with sunlight as well as a combination with high pressure sodium (HPS) light. Read more about Valoya's patented spectra for optimal growth and yield.

Post by Valoya LED Grow Lights
Jan 29, 2024 11:54:12 PM