LED Solutions for Crop Science

Lights used by the world’s leading research institutes, universities, and agricultural companies. 

Engineered for Science

Crop science is the scientific study of cultivating crops. It encompasses a variety of disciplines, including agronomy, horticulture, entomology, soil science, and plant pathology. The goal of crop science is to develop cultivation techniques that can be implemented at large-scale production levels. Valoya Inc. plays a role in crop science by providing specialized LED lighting solutions that contribute to optimized plant growth, yield, and quality in controlled environments.



Valoya began in 2009 as a Crop Science company, and this is where our passion for cultivating plants started. At the onset, we focused on researching spectra while collecting data all along the way. This has allowed us to develop spectra with specific goals in mind. Valoya understands that not everyone has the same goals in their cultivation practices and has the necessary lighting equipment to meet them.   


Plant Breeding


Valoya is the leading provider of LED grow lights for Crop Science applications such as plant breeding, crop protection, and research. For plant breeding purposes, Valoya provides luminaires and spectra for seed breeding companies (e.g., KWS, Limagrain, and Syngenta) that facilitate rapid generation cycles in wheat, barley, and other cereals’ production. This is a significant contribution to the efficiency of food production for the ever-increasing global population. 


Crop Protection

Companies like Bayer require lighting solutions that result in uniform plant material which is then used to test developing crop protection products. Bayer uses Valoya’s NS1 and AP673L spectra in their growth chambers. 

Our consistent focus on photobiology research and plant data accumulation has resulted in collaborations with more than 100 worldwide reputable universities and prestigious research institutes such as Max Planck Institute, John Innes Centre, and Rothamsted Research.  

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