Valoya Spectra Guide

Carefully designed spectra to provide the ideal light wavelengths that plants need for growth. Our leading spectra deliver results with proven research.


Enhance Metabolite Production

Solray385© offers optimized spectrum for controlled environment agriculture and research throughout all  growth stages. It provides a balanced range of wavelengths from UV to FR that is suitable for most plant  species. Solray385 has been thoroughly tested and proven to be highly effective, serving as a sole source of light.

In addition, Solray385’s unique characteristics allow plants to drive optimal phenotypical expression, resulting in the best possible plant growth. With Solray385, you can ensure that your plants receive the ideal  light for optimal growth and development.

Available for: RX-Series, RF-Series, LT-Series, BX-Series


Enhanced PAR

SolrayX© spectrum is based on what most would consider a traditional plant growth spectrum with some proprietary tweaks. It covers all the wavelengths in the PAR rang (400-700nm). It's an excellent choice for growers looking to optimize their plant growth and improve their crop yields. The SolrayX© spectrum offers superior performance and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and greenhouse applications.

SolrayX© is optimized for CAPEX and longevity while retaining high visibility for scouting and grower environmental comfort.

Available for: RX-Series, RF-Series, LT-Series, BX-Series



S2© spectrum is designed for supplemental lighting in greenhouses. It offers a complete light  output across the PAR range (400-700nm) with extra energy in the red portion of the PAR range. Since it includes a generous amount of green light, so growers' eyes will not be strained like other “blurple” (blue and red only) lights. This is a critical point as it allows growers to properly see their plants when scouting for infestations, plant diseases, and nutritional issues.

Available for: RX-Series, LT-Series


All Stages/Crop Steering

AP67© spectrum is Valoya’s oldest legacy traditional spectrum. It was originally designed to achieve robust vegetative growth but is still being proven to work well in all stages. It is being deployed extensively for tissue culture applications along with crop science breeding programs around the world. One of its key highlights is that it increases overall biomass due to its ability to stimulate leaf expansion. An additional benefit is that it has the potential to accelerate plant maturity and ripening.

Available for: BX-Series, L-Series, Light Recipe Formulations

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