LED Solutions for Crop Production

Since 2009, our many years of crop science experience are applied at scale for crop production success.

Suitable for a variety of applications, Valoya's LED solutions are carefully designed to withstand rigorous cultivation and testing environments without sacrificing results.

LED Solutions for Crop Production

Our years of Crop Science experience are applied at scale for Crop Production success. 

Innovative Solutions

Crop production is the practical application of crop science that involves activities such as soil preparation, planting, harvesting, and pest management. Crop production is the implementation of the techniques learned from crop science trials. 

Our product offering is diverse. Whether you are an indoor enthusiast, a greenhouse grower, a vertical farmer, or have propagation needs, we have you covered. Depending on your specific goals, Valoya offers custom-tailored spectraIf you are a resin rancher growing for the most terpene-rich solventless extract, a space race cannabinoid metrics chaser, or a bag appeal hybrid greenhouse seeker, Valoya has a solution to help you optimize your product for the market.


Indoor Crop Production

Our years of Crop Science experience are applied at scale for Crop Production success. 

While continuing our research-driven approach, we forge ahead in optimizing Controlled Environment Agriculture systems from growth chambers to indoor to commercial greenhouses. From algae to evergreens to cannabis, we have a practical and precise instrument for the cultivation of any member of the plant kingdom. 

The consistent focus on photobiology research and plant data accumulation has resulted in collaborations with more than 100 worldwide reputable universities and prestigious research institutes such as Max Planck Institute, John Innes Centre, and Rothamsted Research. 





Greenhouses often have harsh environments when compared to indoor facilities. This drives greenhouse growers to have their own set of grow light specifications. Due to the environment, greenhouse lighting fixtures need to be very robust. Greenhouses tend to be considerably dirty environments so greater considerations should be made when choosing lights. Valoya has considered this in our fixture designs. Our fixtures have a minimum IP65 rating and our LEDs are protected by cleanable lenses.

Valoya’s lighting products are made from high-quality components. We have selected the finest drivers and LEDs, designed robust heat sinks, and protected some components with powder coatings.



Propagation is an important process in plant cultivation, as it allows growers to create new plants from existing ones. Our selection of propagation lights, like our Clonebar, are optimized for this stage of plant growth. These lights are typically designed to emit a higher proportion of blue light, which can help to promote faster and more robust growth of young plants. Blue light has been shown to promote the development of adventitious roots, which are necessary for successful cloning and propagation.



Vertical Farming

Valoya_Vertical Farm_1

Valoya's LED grow lights are ideal for vertical farming as they offer high light intensity and can be customized to provide the specific light spectrum required for different plant species and growth stages. Their wide spectra technology provides a broad range of wavelengths that are closer to natural sunlight, which can help plants grow more efficiently and produce better yields compared to traditional grow lights that use a limited spectrum of light.

We offer a range of LED grow lights that are designed specifically for vertical farming, including the BX series and the RX series. These lights are optimized for high-density plant production and can be customized to provide the specific light spectrum required for different crops and growth stages.

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