HPS Fixture

High Voltage.
The Ultimate HPS Grow Light Solution.

High intensity fixture for greenhouse and warehouse cultivation environments.



Up to 2,6 µmol/W


Up to IP65 with dust & humidity resistant (wet location rated)




Heat directed upwards away from the plants


Easy to install

Power Your Growth with HPS Intensity.

A powerful solution for greenhouse and indoor cultivation, a high intensity HPS fixture effectively stimulates root and flower growth. With an array of spectra, these lights are ideal for flowering plants and vitalizing branch and leaf growth. 

M1000H - 1000W

M1000H - 610x249x281mm / 24.02x9.80x11.06in - 4.4kg / 9.7lb


All models:


All models:

Solray385 / SolrayX

Up to 2.5 µmol/W (spectrum dependent)

Read more about Valoya’s LED grow light spectra.

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Valoya HPS - HPS Grow Light for Traditional Lighting Solutions

Discover the efficiency and power of Valoya Inc.'s HPS grow lights, a remarkable alternative to traditional lighting solutions. With varying watt options, our HPS lights deliver intense illumination for robust plant growth. While HPS technology has been a staple in horticulture, our innovation takes it a step further. We've integrated advanced spectrum optimization, providing the right blend of light wavelengths that your plants crave. Experience the growth potential as our HPS lights foster healthier, more vibrant plants, ensuring maximum yields. As a leader in horticultural lighting, Valoya Inc. combines the reliability of HPS with modern LED technology, offering a dynamic solution for your cultivation needs. Elevate your grow with Valoya Inc. and witness the remarkable transformation that our spectrum-optimized HPS lights bring to your plants.

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