Provides the perfect light spectrum for optimal plant growth and development during the cloning stage, resulting in faster and healthier growth.

Designed With Precision and Consistency in Mind

Promotes quick rooting, plant health, and vigorous early growth.


Up to 2.1 µmol/W


Up to IP65 with dust & humidity resistant (wet location rated)


Minimal Heat Produced


Heat directed upwards away from the plants


Easy to install

For Cloning and Tissue Culture.

Promotes the healthy and rapid growth of plant tissue cultures and clones by providing the specific wavelengths of light that these plants need. Designed to provide high levels of blue light, which is necessary for healthy root development and overall plant growth during the cloning process.

CLONE LED18 – 18 W

CLONE LED18 - 1120x26x35MM / 44.1x1x1.4in - 0.38kg / 0.84lb

CLONE LED18 - Ships with 120 V NEMA 5-15

CLONE LED18 – 9000K

Tested and certified to ETL, CE, standards

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18W LED Clonebar - A Clone LED Light Designed for Early Stages of Plant Growth, Cloning, and Propagation

Valoya’s 18W LED Clonebar is the pinnacle of clone led lights. Designed primarily for crop propagation, cloning, and even starting seeds, this low intensity unit is perfectly optimized for early stages of plant growth. Our clone led light offers an easy-to-use plug and play experience right out of the box with the ability to plug into any standard wall plug, and everything you need included in the package. This includes 2 18W LED Clonebars, clip on tabs, daisy chainable connectors, and IP rated end caps. This clone light’s blue spectra is ideal for early stages of plant growth, cloning, and early cultivation for the rapid growth of tissue cultures. Illuminate the early stages of your plant’s growth and crop science and research with our 18W Clonebar! 

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