Powerful LED Tubes. Minimal Heat Produced.

Designed for growth rooms and chambers, tissue culture, and vertical farming applications.


Up to 2.1 µmol/W


Dust & humidity resistant
(wet location rated)




Heat directed upwards, away from the plants


Easy to install


Minimal heat produced

Slim. Light. Bright.

With absolute light uniformity and no heat produced even when placed right above the canopy, the L-Series is ideal for vertical farming, tissue culture, growth chambers, grafting and growing cannabis in the vegetative stage. The T8 form factor allows the L-series products to be installed in fluorescent tube fixtures without modification (fixtures with magnetic ballast). By using optional end-caps the IP rating can go as high as IP65.

Model L14  – 14 Watts

Model L18  – 18 Watts

Model L28  – 28 Watts

Model L35  – 35 Watts

Model L14  900mm / 35.2in - 0.29kg / 0.64lb

Model L18  1200mm / 47.2in - 0.36kg / 0.79lb

Model L28  - 1200mm / 47.2in - 036kg / 0.79lb

Model L35  1500mm / 59in - 0.44kg / 0.97lb

Nominal Supply Voltage (VAC) – 120:

Model L14 – up to 58 tubes in a single chain
Model L18 – up to 45 tubes in a single chain
Model L28 – up to 29 tubes in a single chain
Model L35 – up to 23 tubes in a single chain

Nominal Supply Voltage (VAC) – 277:

Model L14 – up to 135 tubes in a single chain
Model L18 – up to 105 tubes in a single chain
Model L28 – up to 67 tubes in a single chain
Model L35 – up to 54 tubes in a single chain

Model L14 – Spectra available: NS12
Model L18 – Spectra available: AP67
Model L28 – Spectra available: AP67, AP673L, G2, NS12
Model L35 – Spectra available: AP67, AP673L, G2, NS12

Up to 2.1 µmol/W
Read more about Valoya’s LED grow light spectra.

CE Marked (All products)
RoHS Compliant (All products)
cETLus (L28 and L35)

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L-Series - T8 Tubes Designed for Tissue Culture and Propagation

Our L-Series is a line of slim and light LED tubes that produce virtually no heat. The horticulture lighting can be placed close to the canopy while preserving absolute uniformity across your plants and their growth. This makes the LED grow lights ideal for vertical farming, growth rooms, and other indoor farming applications. These T8 tubes have been designed to hold more densely packed LED chips and a more efficient driver, meaning you get greater light intensity with less Watts used. The L-Series of horticultural lighting is ideal for tissue culture and propagation. The white/color-free lighting makes the L-Series easy on the eyes and improves visual inspection and appearance of your plants. With a high IP rating of IP67, these T8 grow light tubes are built to withstand high humidity greenhouse environments. Combine up to 189 luminaires on a single main input to maximize your opportunity in your indoor farming or crop research facility. 

Less Cables.
More Cultivation.

Up to 189 luminaires on a single main input.

✅ Customizable cable chain

✅ Easy installation

✅ IP65 end-cap

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