One Year Review

After running the Valoya RF700 720 watt racking fixture LEDs, I’ve personally have had a lot of success over the last year of using them.  

I’ve used many other brands of LED lights at scale and my best runs have been under the Valoyas.  The frost of the buds comes on early in the flower cycle and finishes fully caked with a very high resin quantity and quality.  The color of the buds is also superior when running the same genetics under different LED brands. Deeper purples and more exotic genetic expressions are seen in the Valoya room.  

Yields have also been great running the Valoya 720s.  I’ve been averaging 3.2 to 3.5 pounds per light of high quality cannabis.  Definitely impressive numbers with quality to match.  I like the unique light spectrum and the added UV does something to make the plants really shine.  

I’ve had a great experience working with the Valoya company.  They are easy to get ahold of and knowledgeable to answer any question I may have.  They made setting up the lights easy and straight forward. 

A feature that I really appreciate from these lights is the daisy chaining of the power cords.  It’s a great design and could save enormous amounts of money on electrical infrastructure and labor.  An added benefit to this design was when the power went out it was great to be able to plug a whole row of lights into the generator with only 1 plug.  This isn’t possible to do with other brands of LEDs I own that makes managing an extended power outage much more difficult.  

Overall I’m very impressed with the Valoya lights I have.  They have allowed me to have a great deal of success as a new company in a competitive, saturated, mature market up in the state of Maine.  

Nick C
Enhance Plants

Post by Valoya LED Grow Lights
Apr 30, 2024 12:00:00 AM